Overview of New GST Returns

Overview of New GST Returns

In New Proposed forms return have been divided into 3 types

(a) New GST Return – Normal (RET-1)
(b) New GST Return – Sahaj (RET-2)
(c) New GST Return – Sugam (RET-3)

Basic points regarding choosing of option between RET-1, RET-2 and RET-3 and timeline of filing of return.

In new proposed return forms return have been divided on the basis of turnover of taxpayer.

a. If aggregate turnover is more than Rs. 5.00 Cr. in preceding financial year then taxpayer have to file monthly return.
b. If aggregate turnover is less than Rs. 5.00 Cr. then taxpayer have option to choose whether he can file monthly return or quarterly return and can select Sahaj, Sugam, and Quarterly (Normal) among quarterly returns according to the nature of transaction.

Difference between Sahaj, Sugam and Quarterly (Normal)


Key Points regarding Sahaj, Sugam and Quarterly (Normal) Return

a. If quarterly filing option is not selected specifically by the taxpayer, then it would be deemed as monthly filers for all taxpayer.
b. If taxpayer is registered in current financial year only then he has option to file any return i.e. Monthly, Sahaj, Sugam, Quarterly (Normal).
c. Taxpayer can choose quarterly to monthly or monthly to quarterly filing once in a financial year while filing first return.
d. If user is selecting quarterly option then he can select any option – Sahaj, Sugam, Quarterly (Normal).
e. Taxpayer can switch from Quarterly (Normal) to Sugam and Sahaj and Sugam to Sahaj once in a financial year at the beginning of any quarter but taxpayer can switch from Sahaj to Sugam and Quarterly (Normal) and Sugam to Quarterly (Normal) more than once in a financial year at the beginning of any quarter.


Ruchika Tulsyan
GST Consultant

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